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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My first post on my first blog...

I'm an undergraduate student who specializes in philosophy (they don't have it as a major at the community college I go to now). This is my place to work out my ideas, comment on the ideas of others, and get feedback from the budding community of philosophiles on the 'net. Who knows-- someday I might even be able to assemble my thoughts into a coherent paper. :-)

So welcome all*, and let the pontificating begin!

*Warning: Universal quantifiers are subject to restricted modification pending certain pragmatically implied assumptions regarding the non-trollhood of the participants.

English translation: Be civil.



Peter Hurford said...


I like your blog and have been honored to be featured on your blogroll. Recently, however, I've started a new website at Everyday Utilitarian ( and will be blogging there instead. will just be an archive of my old work. While it's definitely up to you, I'd love to continue to have my work featured on your blogroll.

Sorry to comment here about this, but I couldn't find any email to reach you.

Peter Hurford

Jason Zarri said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my pontifications. :-) I've updated the blogroll to include your new blog. Hope you have nice weekend.