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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Launching a new website:



A friend and I are launching a new website to help out scholars in the humanities.


Our website is still a work in progress and subscriptions are still free. Readers will not need to subscribe. Our motto is “Free to read, but pay to publish!”

Scholardarity, in order to promote solidarity among scholars, is a new site for scholars in the humanities and all students interested in History, Philosophy, and Theology.

It is for all of us who have a degree that hasn’t opened any doors.  But all scholars, even with faculty positions are, of course, welcome. So many teachers, graduates, and academics are having trouble finding work or getting articles published. How could scholarly work bring an online income? We are working on that kind of support.

We want to give scholars access to the cutting edge of research in their fields via peer review and criticism. See our Conferences and Societies and consider presenting papers in your field. We want to find ways to help and support students interested in the humanities. Lately we hear that only science, math, and technology are in demand.

Our goal in Scholardarity is to create a community of scholars who help each other and push ahead the frontiers of knowledge for our readers.

Unlike many academic journals, both online and off, our articles will be available for all, free to read. Scholars will subscribe to have the benefits of having their profiles on the site, communicating on the message board, sharing their writing, e-publishing their manuscripts and books, and being able to advertise and sell their work through this site.
Future Features:
  • Find new faculty position openings
  • Advertise your books and writings
  • Sell your books online
  • Make unpublished manuscripts available
  • Receive peer critique and review
  • Online introductory video lectures for students
  • Online conferences
  • Message boards to share ideas and coordinate research projects
  • Downloadable podcasts and pdfs for e-readers
  • Intra-site newsletter with editorials, book reviews, and interviews with scholars
  • E-Publishing…and more!

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