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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Cash Holes: A Quantum-Cosmological Metaphor for Misers

First, everyone should check out this article on Hawking Radiation,

and then look at this drawing of a miser ("Smaug the Stupendous"; from

Get what I mean? There's a huge, Dragon-sized  difference between liking money and being a miser (a cash-hole) like Smaug. A miser (or 'cash hole', in the rest of this post) is someone whose love, in the sense of charity, has collapsed into a singularity of egoistic self-centered-ness, whey money only leeches out accidentally through the outflux of "virtual cash pairs": both of which have become "real"; one of which has gotten trapped by the monetational force of the cash hole, and the other of which has escaped gone out into the universe as a "free" particle and which has a direction; but is not really "aimed" at any particular person, persons, or cause. But, of course, small enough cash holes may eventually evaporate in a frenzy monetary activity! So please, everyone, be charitable and share your love through your wealth! Don't become a cash hole!! If you do, you might end up alone,  like a rock or an island!

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